An object defining tournament re-buys or re-entries, and add-ons.


An object defining the number of re-buys or re-entries, and add-ons, made by one player in the tournament.

There should be one of this object for each player who made any rebuys, re-entries or add-ons in the tournament.

A tournament can only be a rebuy or a re-entry. The "rebuys" field below specifies the number or rebuys or re-entries as appropriate to the type of tournament.

If a player paid a multiple of the cost to receive a multiple of the amount of chips then this should be specified as multiple rebuys/re-entries/add-ons.

Type: object


{ "player_name": string, "rebuys": integer, "addons": integer }


Player made 2 rebuys and 1 add-on.

{ "player_name": "bot_name", "rebuys": 2, "addons": 1 }

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