Storage Format

How the JSON is stored on the user's computer.

File and File Name Format:

  • All tournament summaries MUST be stored in plain text files.

  • All tournament summary files MUST have an .OTS file extension.

  • Filenames MUST use only ASCII characters.

Other than the above requirements, hand history filenames can be named anything. We recommend including at least the tournament name in the filename.

Tournament Summary Groupings per File

A tournament summary should be written to the tournament player's local computer as soon as the player busts from a tournament and there should be one tournament summary JSON object per file. All of the information for the tournament, that is relevant to the tournament player should be available at that time.

If multiple tournament summaries are requested by a user at a later date then multiple tournament summaries can be included in a single file. When multiple tournament summaries are included in a single file, each tournament summary JSON object MUST be separated by one blank line such as:




If multiple tournament summaries are included in a single file, the resulting file will not be considered "valid" JSON. However, for this standard, it is considered acceptable.

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